New Parent Support Package

Announcing Virtual, Private Support for New Parents!

We often hear parents say “I can’t believe they’re letting us take this baby home” or “how are we going to do this by ourselves?” before being discharged from the hospital. This momentary feeling of panic happens to even the most prepared couples, because everything about a newborn baby is truly a “new normal” in those first days and weeks.

In this current moment, that concern is more valid than ever before. With the arrival of COVID19 this year, in-person support from family, friends and postpartum professionals has significantly decreased. Moms and dads are at home alone with their newborns, and the questions about feeding, soothing, and sleep seem to grow exponentially.

At MLFEd, our number one goal is to support YOU. When we see a need in the community, we want to help. That’s why we’re teaming up with award-winning sleep consultant Erica Desper of Confident Parenting to offer a New Parent Support Package. Let us guide you in those early days when you need us the most!

This Package provides you with private, virtual support from experts during the first two months of baby’s life. Month #1 focuses on newborn care, support for parents, feeding tips and need-to-know information for the first weeks home with newborn nurse Nicole Didizian. Month #2 focuses on understanding, surviving and managing newborn sleep so that everyone can get more rest with pediatric sleep consultant Erica Desper. In Months 1 and 2 you will receive:

  • 1 hour initial meeting and consult (phone or video call)
  • 20 minute weekly check-in (phone or video call)
  • Daily email support
  • 15% discount for all future classes with Main Line Family Education
  • 15% discount for all future sleep support with Confident Parenting

To book this package for your family, click here. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible to schedule our first meeting.