Classes for Pregnancy

Most of our prenatal classes are taught in-person at our Devon studio, while some are still offered virtually. Click on the titles below to view the format and upcoming dates.

  • Anytime

  • 16 Weeks+

    Preparing for Motherhood

    Learn what to really expect, along with strategies to help you feel calm, confident, and optimistic about your upcoming delivery

  • 26 Weeks+

    Childbirth Preparation

    Learn about labor, delivery (vaginal and c-section) and postpartum recovery. This course decreases anxiety and increases confidence as you prepare to welcome your baby

  • 26 Weeks+

    Newborn Basics

    Learn what to expect from your newborn and how to care for them in the weeks following birth

  • 26 Weeks+

    Breastfeeding 101

    Learn proper positioning, how to achieve a good latch, how to know your baby is getting enough, and common breastfeeding challenges (and solutions!)

  • 30 Weeks+

    Newborn Sleep 101

    Learn how to help your baby sleep for longer stretches, solutions for soothing fussy babies and how to nurture healthy sleep habits as your little one grows

  • 30 Weeks+

    Partners to Parents

    Learn strategies to bolster the strength of your relationship and build a shared experience of parenthood

  • 30 Weeks+

    Infant and Child CPR

    The research is clear: CPR training saves lives. This course is by the American Heart Association